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Ziran Martial Arts

Master Liu Deming
Zi Ran Men is an art form that has been taught and passed down via the Zi Ran Men Martial Art lineage (Zi Ran Men roughly translates to “Nature Boxing” or more literally, “Nature Gate”).  Based on ancient Taoist philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medical Theory, it combines physical training, Qigong (also, Chi Kung), meditation and combat techniques.

Zi Ran Men training enhances the spirit of the mind, regulates the circulation of Qi (also, Chi) and develops physical sensitivity. When you can successfully apply these theories, you will have freedom of movements. Your attacks and defence will be fluid and agile.

Zi Ran Men training can be divided into three components : Physical Training, Combat Techniques and Conditioning. These three components combine for one purpose, which is to enhance the health of body and mind.   

Zi Ran Men has been responsible for some of the most highly regarded martial arts masters in its history.   Three of these masters are Dwarf Xu 徐矮子, Du Xin Wu 杜心武 , and Wan Lai Sheng 万籁声.


Brij is an instructor of Zi Ran Kung Fu and a senior student of Master Liu Deming. He has also trained in China at the Shaolin Chan Wu Yi Academy and with various renowned Kung Fu masters including Master Wu Nanfang and Master Han Yanwu. 

Brij has been teaching Qi Gong and Kung Fu for the past eight years. He has taught for many renowned educational institutes and has organised a number of workshops, both in Australia and overseas. He is very proficient in weapons training and has experience handling swords, spears, cudgel, knives and karambit etc. He has also trained extensively in Silat – a South East Asian martial art. In 2015 & 2019 he travelled to Brunei to participate in the first Brunein Martial Arts International Intensive Training Camp, where he had the opportunity to train in various systems under a number of highly respected Silat masters.

Brij is interested in teaching and sharing his knowledge of and passion for martial arts.
He is very active in his own training, and works hard to continually upgrade his own knowledge by exploring new lines of study. He has studied Shivananda yoga and philosophy for over a decade, and is an accomplished Indian Classical musician. He is also certified with First Aid level 2.

With Master Han Yan Wu in Beijing, China.
With Master Wu Nanfang at Shaolin Chan Wu Yi Academy, Henan Province, China.  

There are no belts and no ranks.

All Welcome. 


The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling.
To uphold the traditional values of Zi Ran culture and martial arts by genuinely representing the virtues of respect, humility, trust, honour, discipline and loyalty.

To deliver teaching of the highest standard through a generous and open sharing of knowledge.

To provide a safe, enjoyable and positive training environment that is mentally, spiritually and physically informative and challenging.

To honour and acknowledge those that have and continue to uphold the vast traditions of martial arts. Skills gained through practicing martial arts are life skills also and can contribute towards a better world filled with compassion, confidence, health, happiness, peace, and harmony.

To encourage an open mind and respectful discussion amongst all those involved in the martial arts community.


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